About The Comic Grotto Podcasters!

Peewee and Ant-B are both huge DC Comics Fans. They have been fans of superhero and sci-fi related things as long as they could remember.

Ant-B and peewee are huge fans of the fantasy and sci-fi genres. they both read books, as well as watch movies and television shows having to do with the subjects. some of their favorite television shows include firefly, buffy the vampire slayer, angel, doctor who, fringe, seaquest d.s.v., arrow, flash, supergirl, and gotham, just to name a few. when it comes to movies, both are all about star trek and superheroes, such as batman, blade, the avengers, wonder woman, and spiderman. When Boston comic-con came around, they decided it was time to read comic books and do a podcast on the subject, seeing as they both love talking about what they have read and meeting and talking with people with the same interest.

some of the current series ant-b is reading include supergirl being super, green arrow: rebirth, batman: rebirth, aquaman: rebirth, spirit hunters, Scooby apocalypse, and deathstroke: rebirth. peewee is currently reading batman: new 52, supergirl: new 52, batman: rebirth, green arrow: rebirth, and supergirl being super, among other series.

Logo artwork created by Emily Drouin

Music created by Scott Gallagher

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