Ant B’s Nerd Grotto Overhaul

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed all my previous videos have been taken down. The reason for this is the nerd grotto is going to be changing from video post to podcasting and also getting a new name. Many of you may not know but podcasting is where I got my start. I thought I would give video reviews a try and I found out that I enjoy doing podcasting better. so start early 2020 nerd grotto will be going back to the podcasting platform with comic reviews, movie reviews, and all sorts of nerdy things! there are lots of great things I look forward to talking about and I hope you’ll be there to join me. I’ll keep updates coming right here at the nerd grotto website and on my social media which you can find my on twitter at: @comicgrotto┬á

Until the next post and update as Spider-Man would say” Stay frosty!”